WE’VE MOVED! We are now located at 2240 East County Rd. 540A.

A local vet where pets can relax.

Modern tech for awesome pets.

Technology has come a long way and at Highland Square Family Vet, we are equipped with the latest technology. Whether we’re relieving pain with our Class IV therapeutic laser or rebuilding damaged joint tissue using state-of-the-art autologous stem cell therapy, you can trust we are always leveraging the latest in veterinary technology to help keep your pets as healthy as possible. We offer some of the highest ends of vet services like Dental Radiography, Extractions & Oral Surgery, and Acupuncture.

See what’s what at Highland Square Family Vet.

“We love how they seem to really care about our dogs. They even made friends with our dog that usually has to wear a muzzle and was able to do his whole exam, even trim nails without a muzzle.”

—Amy B.